XimBlock is a cryptocurrency based on Blockchian technology, anonymous, free, non-centralized, with the advanced Staking method, Masternode allows you to earn money freely, especially XimBlock attacked 51 %, website: https://ximblock.io
Freedom, privacy, and technological innovation allow people to gradually approach a technology that is trendy, modern, fast, simple, and cost-effective. XimBlock was born to help but that came true. But the big thing behind it is that XimBlock develops an "decentralized blockchain" anonymity platform launched in 2019.
- XimBlock is very similar to Bitcoin, but XimBlock has a great improvement in technology, POS (Proo-of-Stake, Masternode) protocols to make the future simpler and safer. , freer, faster.
- Oh, welcome! You are welcome, you are welcome here, your presence makes XimBlock better every day, there are two ways to join XimBlock.  Type 01 as a community member you can trade XimBlock with XIM token, hold Xim, run Masternode to get XIM through Staking blocks. As a team of XimBlock you will return to the team homepage or send us a business introduction email, we will review and reply to you.
Go back to XimBlock's home page. It's fully backed up until 2019.
- You can, the document includes API on it is fully shared on XimBlock Explorer, you need to ensure that you do not violate any citizen law and organization, XimBlock will not be responsible for this.
- You must obey the laws of your country, until you are allowed to buy ... we are not responsible, do not encourage you to do something illegal.
- Of course not XimBlock is a community who likes BlockChain to develop it and not speculate on price.
- Maybe, but we always try our best not to be attacked by hackers, but in the case of attacks we can not fight it, you risk your own risk. Disaster, fire data explosion we also do not take responsibility, make sure you understand this.
- We will certainly do our best, but in any case, any trial fails to delay or forgive and wait for it to be completed.